Alum Application Day

Moody App Barge

Today the Moody Lake buffered alum application project was completed on schedule! As planned, the exact dose of over 15,000 gallons of alum and 7,000 gallons of buffer was applied in a precise and uniform manner.  The HAB team’s efficiency was high and we were able complete all of the application in one day.

The lake was also busy with visitors and observers.  An interested group took advantage of the beautiful Minnesota fall weather and gathered to participate in the Moody Lake Alum Demonstration Day.  Participants were able to learn more about the plan and goals for the Moody Lake restoration project.  John Holz (HAB) had the opportunity to provide an onsite lecture on the role phosphorus in lakes, internal loading of phosphorus and benefits of alum in reducing phosphorus concentrations and improving water quality.  Tadd Barrow (HAB) provided a thorough description of HAB’s barge and application technology that is required to conduct alum projects in a precise, effective and safe manner.  The interest and support of the project is impressive!  HAB acknowledges the years of effort by so many people to make this project a reality and feels fortunate to be a part of it.  A special thanks to Mike Kinney (District Administrator, Comfort Lake Forest Lake Watershed District) for providing such great information on all aspects of the project!

Moody Demo Day

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